Artist Statement

I fall in love with a material, try it out, fight with it, make it alive and transform it into a sculpture. The material is working on me and I am working on the material; it is like my mind, my energy and the energy of the stone and the wood are becoming one and to share that feeling, I create a sculpture that other people can see and, I hope, can experience.

Sculpture for me involves the imaginative transformation of inert matters, the working of signs and semblances of life into wood, stone or canvas, or whatever else is necessary to complete the piece. One reviewer called my work "symbolic, fantastic, realistic". I use all these characteristics in my work, but don't want to be dependent on them.
Sculpture for me must express the transitional nature of creative experience and that experience must be as wide as possible. I like to work in any kind of media and combine different materials such as stone, wood, metal, plaster and paint as well - I like to use whatever it takes to bring the work to a really successful conclusion.


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